Indentity Cards

Identity Cards

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ID Photo Cards

Ideal for: Club members, students, company staff, community services

Zebra True Colours® print ribbons deliver consistent, high-quality colour reproduction for vibrant colour photos, true-to-life flesh tones, and sharp monochrome resin bar codes and text. A patented overlay protects the card against dye-migration and abrasions.

ID Cards


ID Security Cards

With holograms, overlays

Zebra’s True Secure™ secure varnish overlays and laminates are designed to combat card counterfeiting, alteration and duplication. These protective materials prolong card life by preventing image fading and dye-migration, and create a more durable card. They can also deter card forgery with the use of the security-featured holograms.

For more information view or download brochures:  Zebra-Secure  Zebra-Ribbons

ID Security Access Cards

Contactless smartcards - HID adhesive cards, RF, MIFARE

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Printing solutions from Nfive Card Printing Software:

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The Leader in Card design software, CardFive is powerful, scalable, economical and yet very easy to set up and use. With all the features needed to produce plastic  cards, CardFive is a versatile, totally integrated application that will meet the demands of many small, medium and large businesses.
CardFive comes in several editions to meet the needs and budgets of your organization. To ensure your investment is protected Nfive provide free software updates featuring many enhancements and improvements, in addition you can upgrade any edition to a higher edition at the difference in list price between the two products.

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With FaceSnap you can identify a face on a picture, crop the face out of the scene and improve image quality working in conjunction with CardFive.

Very useful when doing video badging  production, FaceSnap recognizes faces on a scenario, locates them and cuts the significant area of the global image, producing a perfect identification photo automatically.

FaceSnap is an optional plug in to CardFive. For more information view or download brochure:
FaceSnap  FaceSnapTech


The quality of an ID photo is a crucial concern in advanced governmental and corporate biometrically-based ID solutions……

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FotoShot  FaceSnapFotoShot

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Turnkey Applications

For a complete pre-installed setup including a  Notebook or PC,  Camera,  Card Printer with cards  and consumables,  contact Ap-Com.

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