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The Matica M1100 / M1200 Card Printer

The best low cost solution for your card printing requirements. With its new elegant forward-looking design and its advanced technology, the Matica M1100 / M1200 printers are one of the most compact printers available today, replacing the Chica Plus printer. Devised and created to simplify printing on plastic cards, the M1100 / M1200's combine technical performance, design and small dimensions together with an unmatched quality/price ratio. The M1200 is a dual sided version of the M1100 which prints one side only.


For more information view or download brochures: M1100 / M1200 (previously the Chica Plus)



The Zebra P330i and P430i Professional Series Card Printers

The Zebra Professional range of card printers is currently made up of the P330i and P430i. Designed on the same performance based engine, the P430i is the dual sided printing version of the P330i which prints on one side only.

The Zebra P330i plastic card printer is the workhorse of the Zebra card printer family and has undergone significant improvement since its release in 2005 and is now faster and produces a significantly improved print quality. The Zebra performance series engine is the most popular engine in the world with many optional upgrades available such as smart card stations, Mifare encoders, Ethernet communication, extended hoppers and a wide range of monochrome ribbons.


Ap-Com has been selling and supporting the Zebra range of membership and ID card printers for more than 10 years, when they were Eltron / Privilege.

Club Membership Card Printing

The Zebra P330i is particularly well suited for the club membership card environment where magnetic encoding and a wide range of custom software systems are in use. The P330i boasts great compatibility with almost all membership systems and is the preferred choice of printer by most club environments.

Photo ID Card Printing

The P330i and P430i are widely used for Photo ID cards and badges, producing high quality cards, quickly, and on demand. Used in Schools, Universities, Government and Corporate organisations where the P330i meets both current and future needs with a good selection of both Zebra and third party optional upgrades. For Photo ID applications the P330i and P430i also supports a half panel ribbon where the photo and any colour logos can be printed in full colour on the first part of the card and black text on the rest of the card with a special half panel ribbon. The half panel ribbon provides the benefits of faster and higher yield printing at a lower cost per card.

Contactless and Contact Smart Card Encoding

The Zebra P330i and P430i both support all common forms of smart card encoding via Zebra and third party options, and when partnered with advanced software from NFive, powerful off the shelf encoding solutions can be implemented in a very short period of time.

For more information view or download brochures: P330i, P430i, Zebra-Secure, Zebra-Ribbons


The NEW EDIsecure ®XID 590ie Retransfer Printer is the fastest full-colour single-sided Retransfer Printer in its class due to portrait mode printing. The printer is network ready with built in Ethernet port and able to print over-the-edge with glossy photo finish quality on a variety of card materials (PVC, ABS, PET, Polycarbonate, etc.) With optional inline encoding modules, the printer is ideal for printing and encoding of smart cards (contact and contactless) as well cards with magnetic stripe.

EDI Secure 580
EDI secure

For more information view or download brochures: EDIsecure590
Re-Transfer Printing versus Direct Card Printing: DTCvRTC

For more information about card printing view or download the 'About Card Printing' brochure which has been supplied by Eltron.


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